Welcome, dear reader, to Deep Water Creative’s inaugural post on the Deep Thoughts Blog. It’s been a long time coming.

We are committed to sharing actionable ideas and information, lessons learned at from Deep Water HQ, and some of the things that keep us productive and creative. These themes will be broken into the following categories:

Take Action

Things you can do in a few hours, or less, to optimize your marketing, get better data, improve your website conversions, and automate mind-numbing tasks.

Method Marketing

A deeper dive into some of the ideas and concepts that drive effective marketing campaigns, select and measure the right KPIs, SEO, CRO and other industry buzzwords.

Start-Up Stories

Stories from Deep Water HQ. This will give you insight into how Deep Water operates. We’ll share our successes as well those efforts that have taught us valuable lessons (read: failures).


The things we come across in our day to day lives that light a fire, inspire new ideas, or just make us feel good. Everything from punchy, fun music to adorable cat videos will likely end up in this category.

We’ll update Spark sparingly, only sharing stuff we find spectacularly sparky.

We’re looking forward to sharing and engaging with you. There’s a lot of great stuff on our content calendar, so please stay tuned.




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